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The package includes embedded versions of the Mackey-Glass chaotic time series and the Gas Furnance dataset.


Mackey-Glass chaotic time series

The Mackey-Glass chaotic time series is defined by the following delayed differential equation:

d_x(t) / d_t = (a * x(t - τ) / (1 + x(t - τ) ^ 10)) - b * x(t)

For this dataset, we generated 1000 samples, with input parameters as follows:

  • a = 0.2

  • b = 0.1

  • τ = 17

  • x_0 = 1.2

  • d_t = 1

The dataset is embedded in the following way:

input variables: x(t - 18), x(t - 12), x(t - 6), x(t)

output variable: x(t + 6)

Gas Furnance dataset

The Gas Furnance dataset is taken from Box and Jenkins. It consists of 292 consecutive values of methane at time (t - 4), and the CO2 produced in a furnance at time (t - 1) as input variables, with the produced CO2 at time (t) as an output variable. So, each training data point consists of [u(t - 4), y(t - 1), y(t)], where u is methane and y is CO2.


G. E. P. Box and G. M. Jenkins, "Time series analysis, forecasting and control", San Fransisco, CA: Holden Day (1970).

M. Mackey and L. Glass, "Oscillation and chaos in physiological control systems", Science, vol. 197, pp. 287 - 289 (1977).

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