Man pages for frontier
Stochastic Frontier Analysis

coef.front41OutputCoefficients from Frontier 4.1
coef.frontiercoef method for class frontier
coef.summary.frontiercoef method for class
efficienciesReturning Efficiency Estimates
efficiencies.frontierReturning Efficiency Estimates
elas.frontierQuadElasticities of a Quadratic/Translog Frontier
fitted.frontierReturning Fitted (Frontier) Values
front41DataData provided with Tim Coelli's Frontier 4.1
front41EstEstimate a Stochastic Frontier Model by Frontier 4.1
front41ReadOutputRead output of Frontier 4.1
front41WriteInputWrite input files for Frontier 4.1
frontierStochastic Frontier Analysis
frontierQuadQuadratic or Translog Frontiers
frontierTranslogRayTranslog Ray Frontiers
logLik.frontierExtract Log-Likelihood Value
lrtest.frontierLikelihood Ratio test for Stochastic Frontier Models
resettestFrontierRESET test for Stochastic Frontier Models
residuals.frontierReturning Residuals
riceProdPhilRice Production in the Philippines
summary.front41OutputSummarizing the Estimation of Frontier 4.1
summary.frontiersummary method for class frontier
telecomTelecommunications Providers
vcov.frontiervcov method for class frontier
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