test: Test Responses

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This data set contains multiple choice responses to 40 items.




A data frame with 5 observations on the following 44 variables.

File.name file name.
Question01-Question40 responses given to the items.
i.course course,
i.university university.
id identification number.


This data set is obtained by importing file "scan_results_test.csv" with function read.formscanner.


Michela Battauz

See Also

key, read.formscanner, weights, weights_multiple



Example output

  File.name Question01 Question02 Question03 Question04 Question05 Question06
1    T00001        A|B        A|C          B          C          C          D
2    T00002        C|D        B|C          B          B          A          D
3    T00003        B|C        A|C          B          D          B          B
4    T00004          C        A|B          D          D          C          A
5    T00005        A|C          D          B          D          B          A
  Question07 Question08 Question09 Question10 Question11 Question12 Question13
1          A          D          C          B          C          A          A
2          B          B          A          D          C          B          C
3          C          B          C          B          A          D          B
4          D          B          D        A|D          B          D          C
5          D          C          A          B          C          B          C
  Question14 Question15 Question16 Question17 Question18 Question19 Question20
1          B          D          C          B          A          B          D
2          A          A          B          D          C          A          B
3          C          A          C          D          B          C          A
4          A          D       <NA>          B          C          A          C
5          B          D          A          B          B          D          D
  Question21 Question22 Question23 Question24 Question25 Question26 Question27
1          B          C          A          D          C          D          B
2          C          B          D          A          B          C          C
3          B          D          A          B          C          B          D
4          B          D          A          D          C          B       <NA>
5          B          C          B          C          D          A          A
  Question28 Question29 Question30 Question31 Question32 Question33 Question34
1          A          A          B          C          C          D          A
2          B          A          C          B          D          D          A
3          D          A          B          B          C          C          A
4          C          B          A          D          B          A          C
5          B          C          B          D          C          A          C
  Question35 Question36 Question37 Question38 Question39 Question40   i.course
1          C          A          C          B          C          A Statistics
2          B          C          C          A          B          D Statistics
3          B          D          C          D          A          B Statistics
4          D          B          C          A          C          D Statistics
5          B          C          A          C          B          B Statistics
         i.university     id
1 University of Udine 104556
2 University of Udine 245784
3 University of Udine 102344
4 University of Udine 205790
5 University of Udine 199733

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