ftsspec: Spectral Density Estimation and Comparison for Functional Time Series

Functions for estimating spectral density operator of functional time series (FTS) and comparing the spectral density operator of two functional time series, in a way that allows detection of differences of the spectral density operator in frequencies and along the curve length.

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AuthorShahin Tavakoli [aut, cre]
Date of publication2015-09-08 13:13:41
MaintainerShahin Tavakoli <s.tavakoli@statslab.cam.ac.uk>

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Epanechnikov_kernel Man page
ftsspec Man page
ftsspec-package Man page
Generate_filterMA Man page
Get_noise_sd Man page
lines.SampleSpecDiffFreq Man page
Marginal_basis_pval Man page
plot.SampleSpec Man page
plot.SampleSpecDiffFreq Man page
plot.SampleSpecDiffFreqCurvelength Man page
plot.SpecMA Man page
print.SampleSpecDiffFreqCurvelength Man page
PvalAdjust Man page
PvalAdjust.SampleSpecDiffFreq Man page
Simulate_new_MA Man page
Spec Man page
Spec_compare_fixed_freq Man page
Spec_compare_localize_freq Man page
Spec_compare_localize_freq_curvelength Man page
SpecMA Man page

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