Man pages for funrar
Functional Rarity Indices Computation

combination_trait_distMultiple distance matrices
compute_dist_matrixFunctional Distance Matrix
distinctivenessFunctional Distinctiveness on site-species matrix
distinctiveness_comFunctional Distinctiveness for a single community
distinctiveness_dimensionsDistinctiveness dimensions
distinctiveness_stackFunctional Distinctiveness on a stacked data.frame
funrarFunctional Rarity Indices
funrar_stackFunctional Rarity indices on stacked data.frame
is_relativeTell if matrix or data.frame has relative abundances
make_relativeRelative abundance matrix from absolute abundance matrix
matrix_to_stackMatrix to stacked (= tidy) data.frame
restrictednessGeographical Restrictedness on site-species matrix
restrictedness_stackGeographical Restrictedness for stacked data.frame
scarcityScarcity on site-species matrix
scarcity_comScarcity for a single community
stack_to_matrixStacked (= tidy) data.frame to matrix
uniquenessFunctional Uniqueness for site-species matrix matrix
uniqueness_dimensionsUniqueness dimensions
uniqueness_stackFunctional Uniqueness on stacked data.frame
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