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Unified Parallel and Distributed Processing in R for Everyone

as.clusterCoerce an object to a cluster object
autoStopClusterAutomatically stop a cluster when garbage collected
availableCoresGet number of available cores on current machine
availableWorkersGet set of available workers
backtraceBack trace the expression evaluated when a condition was...
clusterCreate a cluster future whose value will be resolved...
ClusterFuture-classA cluster future is a future whose value will be resolved...
ConstantFuture-classA future with a constant value
find_referencesGet first or all references of an R object
futureCreate a future
Future-classA future represents a value that will be available at some...
FutureConditionA condition (message, warning, or error) that occurred while...
FutureGlobalsA representation of a set of globals used with futures
future_lapply[DEFUNCT] Apply a Function over a List or Vector via Futures
futureOfGet the future of a future variable
future.optionsOptions used for futures
FutureResultResults from resolving a future
futuresGets all futures in an object
getExpressionInject code for the next type of future to use for nested...
getGlobalsAndPackagesRetrieves global variables of an expression and their...
grapes-globals-grapesSpecify globals and packages for a future assignment
grapes-label-grapesSpecify label for a future assignment
grapes-lazy-grapesControl lazy / eager evaluation for a future assignment
grapes-plan-grapesUse a specific plan for a future assignment
grapes-seed-grapesSet random seed for future assignment
grapes-stdout-grapesControl whether standard output should be captured or not
grapes-tweak-grapesTemporarily tweaks the arguments of the current strategy
makeClusterMPICreate a Message Passing Interface (MPI) cluster of R workers...
makeClusterPSOCKCreate a PSOCK cluster of R workers for parallel processing
mandelbrotMandelbrot convergence counts
multicoreCreate a multicore future whose value will be resolved...
MulticoreFuture-classAn multicore future is a future whose value will be resolved...
multiprocessCreate a multiprocess future whose value will be resolved...
MultiprocessFuture-classAn multiprocess future is a future whose value will be...
multisessionCreate a multisession future whose value will be resolved...
nbrOfWorkersGets the number of workers available
nullconCreates a connection to the system null device
pid_existsCheck whether a process PID exists or not
planPlan how to resolve a future
private_lengthGets the length of an object without dispatching
remoteCreate a remote future whose value will be resolved...
requestCoreRequest a core for multicore processing
resolveResolve one or more futures synchronously
resolvedCheck whether a future is resolved or not
resultGet the results of a resolved future
runRun a future
sequentialCreate a sequential future whose value will be in the current...
sessionDetailsOutputs details on the current R session
supportsMulticoreCheck whether multicore processing is supported or not
tweakTweaks a future function by adjusting its default arguments
UniprocessFuture-classAn uniprocess future is a future whose value will be resolved...
usedCoresGet number of cores currently used
valueThe value of a future
valuesGets all values in an object
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