acs: Autonomy-Connectedness Scale

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acs are the scores of 588 students on 17 items from the Dutch version of the subscale “sensitivity to others” of the Autonomy-Connectedness Scale.
acs.cont are the acs data with additional 31 contaminants.




acs is a 588 by 17 matrix containing integers.
acs.cont is a 619 by 17 matrix containing integers.


Each item has five ordered answer categories (0 = disagree, 1 = slightly disagree, 2 = agree nor disagree, 3 = slightly agree, 4 = agree). The items are shown in the table below. An “N” indicates a negatively worded item. The scores on the negatively worded items were reversed.

1. Usually I can dismiss another person's misery from my mind N
2. If I have things my own way against the will of others, I usually get very restless
3. I hate detachment
4. I am seldom occupied with the feelings and experiences of others N
5. I easily put aside other people's comments N
6. I am rarely occupied with other people's view of me N
7. If I imagine myself having to say goodbye to a beloved person, I feel brokenhearted in advance
8. I am seldom inclined to ask other people's advice N
9. I often go deeply into other people's feelings
10. I often wonder what other people think of me
11. When I take important decisions about my life, I leave other people's wishes and opinions out of consideration N
12. I can hardly bear it when other people are angry with me
13. Somebody else's experiences leave a strong mark on my own moods
14. I feel a strong need for other people's advice and guidance
15. If I do something that bothers other people, I can easily dismiss that from my mind N
16. I often long for love and warmth
17. I can easily back out of things that people who are important to me want me to do N


Data were kindly made available by M. H. J. Bekker and M. A. L. M. van Assen from the Tilburg University.


Bekker M. H. J., and Van Assen, M. A. L. M. (2006). A short form of the autonomy scale: Properties of the autonomy-connectedness scale (ACS-30). Journal of Personality Assessment, 86, 51-60.

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