Man pages for gRapfa
Acyclic Probabilistic Finite Automata

add.statsAdd attributes to an APFA
apfa2NSAPFA to node symbol array
BioFamBiographical survey of family life states
contract.last.levelContract last level
cross.validateK - cross validation
dICDifference in information criteria
fit.APFAFitting an APFA igraph object to data
getXYTo get XY co-ordinates for the igraph plots.
gRapfa-packageModels for discrete longitudinal data using APFA.
KLKullback-Leibler divergence for APFA models
LogLike.APFALog likelihood for an APFA model
merge2nodesMerge two nodes
MergeNodesMerge given node set of an APFA
MergeSelectSelection of nodes to merged at a level
mildew.rawA cross between two isolates of the barley powdery Mildew...
select.beagleSelect APFA using Beagle
select.ICSelection of APFA model using penalised likelihood criteria
simulateAPFASimulation of data from an APFA model
stSample tree
WheezeWheeze in Steubenville children
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