Man pages for gRim
Graphical Interaction Models

cg-statsMean, covariance and counts for grouped data (statistics for...
citest-arrayTest for conditional independence in a contingency table
citest-dfTest for conditional independence in a dataframe
citest-genericGeneric function for conditional independence test
citest-mvnTest for conditional independence in the multivariate normal...
citest-ordinalA function to compute Monte Carlo and asymptotic tests of...
cmodGraphical Gaussian model
getEdgesFind edges in a graph or edges not in an undirected graph.
ggmfitIterative proportional fitting of graphical Gaussian model
gRim-internalInternal functions in the gRim package
imodel-dmodDiscrete interaction model (log-linear model)
imodel-generalGeneral functions related to iModels
imodel-mmodMixed interaction model.
internalInternal functions for the gRim package
loglin-dimReturn the dimension of a log-linear model
loglin-effloglinFitting Log-Linear Models by Message Passing
modify_glistModify generating class for a graphical/hierarchical model
parm-conversionConversion between different parametrizations of mixed models
parse_gm_formulaParse graphical model formula
stepwiseStepwise model selection in (graphical) interaction models
testaddTest addition of edge to graphical model
testdeleteTest deletion of edge from an interaction model
test-edgesTest edges in graphical models with p-value/AIC value
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