Man pages for gWidgets2
Rewrite of gWidgets API for Simplified GUI Construction

addAdd a child object to parent container
call_methhelper function to bypass lack of cached value in method call
check_deprecatedMethod to send message if any depreacted arguments are being...
check_return_classcheck that toolkit object return the right class
disposeDispose of object
editableControls whether widget is editable or not
flattenFlatten a nested list
focusDoes widget have focus
fontReturns font specification for widget, if available
gactionAn action constructor
galertAlert dialog to display transient messages
gbasicdialogConstructor for modal dialog that can contain an arbitrary...
gbuttonBasic button widget
gcalendarA constructor for a date selection widget
gcheckboxconstructor for checkbox widget
gcheckboxgroupConstructor for checkbox group. A linked group of checkboxes,...
gcomboboxconstructor for a combobox
gconfirmConstructor for modal dialog to get confirmation
gcontainerCommon parts of a container widget
gdfConstructor for a data frame editor
gdfnotebookA notebook container for many 'gdf' instances
geditSingle line text edit constructor
get_index_in_listget index of element of list
get_object_from_stringGet an object from an environment specified by a string.
getToolkitWidgetGet underlying toolkit widget
getWithDefaultReturn x unless NULL, NA, length 0, ..., in which case we...
gexpandgroupConstructor of box container widget with disclosure trigger...
gfiledialog for file and directory selection
gfilterA widget for filtering a data frame
gformlayoutA form layout container
gframeConstructor for framed box container with label
ggraphicsConstructor for an embeddable graphics device
ggraphicsnotebookA notebook widget holding plot devices
ggroupBasic box container
ghtmlWidget for HTML display
gimageA widget for displaying an image file
ginputConstructor for modal dialog to collect a line of text
glabelBasic label widget
glayoutConstructor for grid layout container
gmenumenu constructor, main and popup
gmessageConstructor for modal message dialog
gnotebookConstructor for a tabbed notebook container
gpanedgroupconstructor for a two-paned container
gprogressbarBasic progress bar widget
gradioConstructor for radio button widget
gseparatorconstructor providing a widget for displaying a line in a GUI
gsliderslider widget constructor
gspinbuttonSpinbutton constructor
gstackwidgetConstructor for a stack of widgets
gstatusbarconstructor to add a status bar to main window
gtableA constructor for displaying tabular data for selection
gtextMultiline text edit constructor
gtimerBasic timer widget
gtoolbarA toolbar constructor
gtoolkitWhich toolkit are we using?
gtreeconstructor for widget to display heirarchical data
guiToolkitset or get the current toolkit for gWidgets
gvarbrowserConstructor for workspace variable browser
gwidgetCommon parts of a widget
gWidgets2-packagegWidgets2. An API for programming GUIs
gWidgets2-S3methodsReturn items
gWidgets2-undocumentedToolkit constructor
gWidgets-handlerschange handler for ggraphics
iconsMethod to add icon to list of stock icons
installing_gWidgets_toolkitsblurb about installation
is_emptyis value missing, null, 0-length or NA length 1
isExtantCheck if widget is extant.
is_MacOSXReturn logical indicating if we are on a macintosh machine
is_WindowsReturn logical indicating if we are on a Windows machine
methodsAdd a spring to box containers
observerconstructor for handler object
redoRedo past action.
S4-classesA class to record the toolkit a gui object uses
short_summaryProvide a short summary for an object
sizeReturn size (width and height) of widget
tagget a persistent attribute for an object
tooltipGet a tooltip for the widget
undoUndo past action.
visibleControls whether widget is visible or not
XXXFunctions to message something needs doing. Easy to search...
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