Man pages for gamclass
Functions and Data for a Course on Modern Regression and Classification

addhlinesAdd horizontal lines to plot.
airAccsAircraft Crash data
bomregions2018Australian and Related Historical Annual Climate Data, by...
bronchitisChronic bronchitis in a sample of men in Cardiff
bssBYcutBetween group SS for 'y', for all possible splits on values...
compareModelsCompare accuracy of alternative classification methods
confusionGiven actual and predicted group assignments, give the...
coralPvalP-values from biological expression array data
cvaluesHistorical speed of light measurements
CVclusterCross-validation estimate of predictive accuracy for...
CVgamCross-validation estimate of accuracy from GAM model fit
eventCountsTabulate vector of dates by specified time event
FARSUS fatal road accident data for automobiles, 1998 to 2010
fars2007US Fatal Road Accident Data, 2007 and 2008
frontDeathsSafety Device effectiveness Measures, by Year
gamRFRandom forest fit to residuals from GAM model
germanGerman credit scoring data
greatLakesMMonthly Great Lake heights: 1918 - 2019
ldaErrCalculate Error Rates for Linear Discriminant Model
lotiGlobal temperature anomalies
modregR-packageFunctions and Data for a Course in Modern Regression
plotFarsPlot Protection Device Effectiveness Measure Against Year
relDeathsYearly Driver deaths, as Fraction of Deaths for All Years
RFclusterRandom forests estimate of predictive accuracy for clustered...
rfErrCalculate Error Rates for randomForest model
rpartErrCalculate Error Rates for rpart model
simregSimulate (repeated) regression calculations
tabFarsDeadExtract ratio of ratios estimate of safety device...
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