Man pages for gamlss.add
Extra Additive Terms for GAMLSS Models

blagFunctions to create lag values
fitFixedKnotsFunctions to Fit Univariate Break Point Regression Models
fkA function to fit break points within GAMLSS
gaA interface functions to use Simon Wood's gam() and bam()...
gamlss.fkSupport for Function fk()
gamlss.gaSupport for Function ga() and ba()
gamlss.nnSupport for Function nn()
laAn Additive term for fitting Penalised Lags within a GAMLSS...
nnA interface function to use nnet() function within GAMLSS
penLagsPenalised Lag Regression Function
plotNNPlotting fitted neural networks
trA interface function to use rpart() function within GAMLSS
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