Man pages for gaselect
Genetic Algorithm (GA) for Variable Selection from High-Dimensional Data

evaluate-methodsEvaluate the fitness of variable subsets
fitnessGet the fitness of a variable subset
fitnessEvolutionGet the evolution of the fitness
formatSegmentation-methodsFormat the raw segmentation list returned from the C++ code...
GenAlg-classResult of a genetic algorithm run
GenAlg-constructorGenetic algorithm for variable subset selection
GenAlgControl-classControl class for the genetic algorithm
GenAlgControl-constructorSet control arguments for the genetic algorithm
GenAlgEvaluator-classEvaluator Base Class
GenAlgFitEvaluator-classFit Evaluator
GenAlgFitEvaluator-constructorFit Evaluator
GenAlgLMEvaluator-classLM Evaluator
GenAlgLMEvaluator-constructorLM Evaluator
GenAlgPLSEvaluator-classPLS Evaluator
GenAlgPLSEvaluator-constructorPLS Evaluator
GenAlgUserEvaluator-classUser Function Evaluator
GenAlgUserEvaluator-constructorUser Defined Evaluator
getEvalFun-methodsGet the evaluation function from a GenAlgUserEvaluator
subsetsGet the found variable subset(s)
toCControlList-methodsTransform the object to a list
trueFitnessVal-methodsGet the transformed fitness values
validData-methodsCheck if the data is valid for the evaluator
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