GenAlg-constructor: Genetic algorithm for variable subset selection

genAlgR Documentation

Genetic algorithm for variable subset selection


A genetic algorithm to find "good" variable subsets based on internal PLS evaluation or a user specified evaluation function


genAlg(y, X, control, evaluator = evaluatorPLS(), seed)



The numeric response vector of length n


A n x p numeric matrix with all p covariates


Options for controlling the genetic algorithm. See genAlgControl for details.


The evaluator used to evaluate the fitness of a variable subset. See evaluatorPLS, evaluatorLM or evaluatorUserFunction for details.


Integer with the seed for the random number generator or NULL to automatically seed the RNG


The GA generates an initial "population" of populationSize chromosomes where each initial chromosome has a random number of randomly selected variables. The fitness of every chromosome is evaluated by the specified evaluator. The default built-in PLS evaluator (see evaluatorPLS) is the preferred evaluator. Chromosomes with higher fitness have higher probability of mating with another chromosome. populationSize / 2 couples each create 2 children. The children are created by randomly mixing the parents' variables. These children make up the new generation and are again selected for mating based on their fitness. A total of numGenerations generations are built this way. The algorithm returns the last generation as well as the best elitism chromosomes from all generations.


An object of type GenAlg


ctrl <- genAlgControl(populationSize = 100, numGenerations = 15, minVariables = 5,
    maxVariables = 12, verbosity = 1)

evaluatorSRCV <- evaluatorPLS(numReplications = 2, innerSegments = 7, testSetSize = 0.4,
    numThreads = 1)

evaluatorRDCV <- evaluatorPLS(numReplications = 2, innerSegments = 5, outerSegments = 3,
    numThreads = 1)

# Generate demo-data
X <- matrix(rnorm(10000, sd = 1:5), ncol = 50, byrow = TRUE)
y <- drop(-1.2 + rowSums(X[, seq(1, 43, length = 8)]) + rnorm(nrow(X), 1.5));

resultSRCV <- genAlg(y, X, control = ctrl, evaluator = evaluatorSRCV, seed = 123)
resultRDCV <- genAlg(y, X, control = ctrl, evaluator = evaluatorRDCV, seed = 123)

subsets(resultSRCV, 1:5)
subsets(resultRDCV, 1:5)

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