gazepath-package: Parse Eye-Tracking Data into Fixations

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Eye-tracking data must be transformed into fixations and saccades before it can be analyzed. This package provides a non-parametric speed-based approach to do this on a trial basis. The method is especially useful when there are large differences in data quality, as the thresholds are adjusted accordingly. The same pre-processing procedure can be applied to all participants, while accounting for individual differences in data quality.


Package: gazepath
Type: Package
Version: 1.2
Date: 2017-03-01
License: GPL-2


Daan van Renswoude & Ingmar Visser

Maintainer: Daan van Renswoude <[email protected]>


Mould, M. S., Foster, D. H., Amano, K., & Oakley, J. P. (2012). A simple nonparametric method for classifying eye fixations. Vision research, 57, 18-25.

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