Man pages for gbutils
Utilities for Simulation, Plots, Quantile Functions and Programming

cdf2quantileCalculate a quantile from a distribution function
isargunnamedIs an element of a list named?
isNACheck if an object is NA
mintersectSet intersection of arbitrary number of arguments
missing_argCheck if an element of a pairlist is missing
myouterFunctions for some basic operations
nposargsFunction to count the number of positional arguments used in...
objectPad-classClass "objectPad" objects and methods to store and retrieve...
pad-methodsStore and get data in pad objects
parse_textParse expressions residing in character vectors
plotpdfPlot a probability denstity function
pseudoInverseCompute a pseudo-inverse matrix
raw_historyGet the command history
rpolyPolynomials with real coefficients
sim_complexSimulate real or complex numbers using polar form
sim_numbersSimulation based on polar form specifications
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