Man pages for gdalcubes
Earth Observation Data Cubes from Satellite Image Collections

add_collection_formatDownload and install an image collection format from a URL
add_imagesAdd images to an existing image collection
aggregate_spaceSpatial aggregation of data cubes
aggregate_timeAggregate data cube time series to lower temporal resolution
animateAnimate a data cube as an image time series
apply_pixelApply a function over (multi-band) pixels
apply_pixel.arrayApply a function over pixels in a four-dimensional (band,...
apply_pixel.cubeApply arithmetic expressions over all pixels of a data cube
apply_timeApply a function over (multi-band) pixel time series
apply_time.arrayApply a function over pixel time series in a four-dimensional...
apply_time.cubeApply a user-defined R function over (multi-band) pixel time...
as_arrayConvert a data cube to an in-memory R array a data cube to a data.frame
as_jsonQuery data cube properties
bandsQuery data cube properties
chunk_applyApply an R function on chunks of a data cube
collection_formatsList predefined image collection formats
create_image_collectionCreate an image collection from a set of GDAL datasets or...
cropCrop data cube extent by space and/or time
cube_viewCreate or update a spatiotemporal data cube view
dim.cubeQuery data cube properties
dimension_boundsQuery coordinate bounds for all dimensions of a data cube
dimensionsQuery data cube properties
dimension_valuesQuery coordinate values for all dimensions of a data cube
dot-copy_cubeCreate a data cube proxy object copy
extentDerive the spatiotemporal extent of an image collection
extract_geomExtract values from a data cube by spatial or spatiotemporal...
fill_timeFill NA data cube pixels by simple time series interpolation
filter_geomFilter data cube pixels by a polygon
filter_pixelFilter data cube pixels by a user-defined predicate on band...
gdalcubesgdalcubes: Earth Observation Data Cubes from Satellite Image...
gdalcubes_gdalformatsGet available GDAL drivers
gdalcubes_gdal_has_geosCheck if GDAL was built with GEOS
gdalcubes_gdalversionGet the GDAL version used by gdalcubes
gdalcubes_optionsSet or read global options of the gdalcubes package
gdalcubes_selectionSubsetting data cubes
gdalcubes_set_gdal_configSet GDAL config options
image_collectionLoad an existing image collection from a file
image_maskCreate a mask for images in a raster data cube
join_bandsJoin bands of two identically shaped data cubes
json_cubeRead a data cube from a json description file
memsizeQuery data cube properties
names.cubeQuery data cube properties
nbandsQuery data cube properties
ncdf_cubeRead a data cube from an existing netCDF file
ntQuery data cube properties
nxQuery data cube properties
nyQuery data cube properties
pack_minmaxHelper function to define packed data exports by min / max...
plot.cubePlot a gdalcubes data cube
predict.cubeModel prediction
print.cubePrint data cube information
print.cube_viewPrint data cube view information
print.image_collectionPrint image collection information
proj4Query data cube properties
raster_cubeCreate a data cube from an image collection
read_chunk_as_arrayRead chunk data of a data cube from stdin or a file
reduce_spaceReduce multidimensional data over space
reduce_space.arrayApply a function over space and bands in a four-dimensional...
reduce_space.cubeReduce a data cube over spatial (x,y or lat,lon) dimensions
reduce_timeReduce multidimensional data over time
reduce_time.arrayApply a function over time and bands in a four-dimensional...
reduce_time.cubeReduce a data cube over the time dimension
rename_bandsRename bands of a data cube
select_bandsSelect bands of a data cube
select_timeSelect time slices of a data cube
sizeQuery data cube properties
slice_spaceExtract a single time series (spatial slice) from a data cube
slice_timeExtract a single time slice from a data cube
srsQuery data cube properties
stac_image_collectionCreate an image collection from a STAC feature collection
stack_cubeCreate a data cube from a set of images with the same spatial...
st_as_stars.cubeCoerce gdalcubes object into a stars object
window_spaceApply a moving window (focal) operation or a convolution...
window_timeApply a moving window operation over the time dimension of a...
write_chunk_from_arrayWrite chunk data of a cube to stdout or a file
write_ncdfExport a data cube as netCDF file(s)
write_tifExport a data cube as a collection of GeoTIFF files
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