Man pages for gdmp
Genomic Data Management

arrayAppendAppend two arrays by adding new data to top array
BayesABEstimte SNP Effects by MCMC - Bayes (A and B) - beta
BayesCpiEstimte SNP Effects by MCMC - Bayes C and Cpi - beta
GetHCSCheck SNP genotypes and exclude redundant SNPs
getMAFReturn frequency of the minor allele of a SNP
is.hwEqCheck a SNP for Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium
is.identicalCheck two SNPs for near identity across genotyped samples
read.findhapRead the output of Paul Vanraden's findhap,...
snpRecodeRecode a matrix of SNP genotypes as 0, 1, and 2
snpSelectSelect genotyped individuals and SNPs based on call rate,...
toArrayTurn Illumina's Genome Studio 'Final Report' file into an...
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