dental: A Data Set of Orthodontic Measurements on Children

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The dental data consists of 27 subjects from the University of North Carolina Dental School.




  • subject:cluster id

  • gender:the sex of subject

  • age_8:the measurements at age 8

  • age_10:the measurements at age 10

  • age_12:the measurements at age 12

  • age_14:the measurements at age 14


The data was collected by investigators at the University of North Carolina Dental School. It is a study of orthodontic measurements on children including 11 girls and 16 boys measured at ages 8, 10, 12, and 14.


Pottho R. F. and Roy, S. W. A generalized multivariate analysis of variance model useful especially for growth curve problems. Biometrika 1964;51:313-326

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