seizure: Epiliptic seizure counts from the Randomized Progabide Trial

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The data consists of 59 subjects from the randomized progabide trial.




  • base:baseline epiliptic seizure counts

  • trt:the indicator for treatment (1=progabide; 0=control)

  • age:baseline age for each subject

  • y1:epiliptic seizure counts in the first week

  • y2:epiliptic seizure counts in the second week

  • y3:epiliptic seizure counts in the third week

  • y4:epiliptic seizure counts in the forth week


The outcome is the count number of epiliptic seizures in each of four consecutive two-week intervals, and the variables recorded include baseline epiliptic seizure counts in an eight-week interval prior to the treatment assignment, the indicator for treatment (1=progabide; 0=control), and baseline age.


Thall PF, and Vail SC. Some covariance models for longitudinal count data with overdispersion. Biometrics 1990; 46: 657-671.

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