gencve: General Cross Validation Engine

Engines for cross-validation of many types of regression and class prediction models are provided. These engines include built-in support for 'glmnet', 'lars', 'plus', 'MASS', 'rpart', 'C50' and 'randomforest'. It is easy for the user to add other regression or classification algorithms. The 'parallel' package is used to improve speed. Several data generation algorithms for problems in regression and classification are provided.

AuthorA. I McLeod
Date of publication2016-04-12 00:56:56
MaintainerA. I. McLeod <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

cgcv: Estimate Misclassification Rate Using d-fold Cross-Validation...

churn: Customer Churn Data

Detroit: Detroit Homicide Data for 1961-73

dShao: Shao Holdout Sample Size for Linear Regression Variable...

featureSelect: Feature Select For Wide Data

fires: Forest Fires in Montesinho Natural Park

gcv: Estimate EPE Using Delete-d Cross-Validation

gencve-package: General Cross Validation Engine General Cross Validation...

kNN_LOOCV: Select k with Leave-one-out CV

kNN_MLE: MLE k in kNN

kyphosis: Data on Children who have had Corrective Spinal Surgery

logloss: log-loss function for multiclass prediction

mae: Mean Absolute Error

mape: Mean Absolute Percentage Error

meatspec: Meat Spectrometry to Determine Fat Content

misclassificationrate: Misclassification Rate for Class Prediction

mse: Mean Square Error Loss

pollution: Pollution Data from McDonald and Schwing

prostate: Prostate Cancer Data

rdigitsBFOS: BFOS Digit Recognition Problem

regal: Regression EPE for All Implemented Methods

rmix: Random Mixture Classification Example

rxor: Random XOR Samples

ShaoReg: Synthetic Regression Data

SinghTest: Singh Prostate Microarray Test Data

SinghTrain: Singh Prostate Microarray Training Data

smape: Mean Absolute Percentage Error

vifx: Variance Inflation Factor

yhat_CART: CART regression prediction

yhat_gel: Elastic Net Regression Prediction

yhat_lars: Fit LASSO Regression using Mallows Cp and Predict

yhat_lm: Linear Predictor using Least-Squares Regression

yhat_nn: Nearest Neighbour Prediction

yhat_plus: SCAD or MCP Regression Prediction

yhat_RF: Fit Random Forest Regression Predictor

yhat_step: Backward Stagewise Regression with AIC or BIC

yhat_SVM: Support Vector Machine Regression Prediction

yh_C50: C50 Prediction

yh_CART: CART Prediction

yh_kNN: kNN or NN prediction

yh_lda: LDA predictions

yh_logistic: Logistic Regression and Regularized Logistic Regression...

yh_NB: Naive Bayes Prediction

yh_qda: QDA Prediction

yh_RF: Random Forest Prediction

yh_svm: Support Vector Machine Prediction


cgcv Man page
churnTest Man page
churnTrain Man page
Detroit Man page
dShao Man page
featureSelect Man page
fires Man page
gcv Man page
gencve Man page
gencve-package Man page
kNN_LOOCV Man page
kNN_MLE Man page
kyphosis Man page
logloss Man page
mae Man page
mape Man page
meatspec Man page
misclassificationrate Man page
mse Man page
pollution Man page
prostate Man page
rdigitsBFOS Man page
regal Man page
rmix Man page
rxor Man page
ShaoReg Man page
SinghTest Man page
SinghTrain Man page
smape Man page
vifx Man page
yhat_CART Man page
yhat_gel Man page
yhat_lars Man page
yhat_lm Man page
yhat_nn Man page
yhat_plus Man page
yhat_RF Man page
yhat_step Man page
yhat_SVM Man page
yh_C50 Man page
yh_CART Man page
yh_kNN Man page
yh_lda Man page
yh_logistic Man page
yh_NB Man page
yh_NN Man page
yh_qda Man page
yh_RF Man page
yh_svm Man page


gencve/R/yhat_step.R gencve/R/yh_svm.R gencve/R/vifx.R gencve/R/yh_qda.R gencve/R/cgcv.R gencve/R/kNN_MLE.R gencve/R/mape.R gencve/R/gcv.R gencve/R/dShao.R gencve/R/featureSelect.R gencve/R/mse.R gencve/R/ShaoReg.R gencve/R/yhat_lars.R gencve/R/regal.R gencve/R/smape.R gencve/R/mae.R gencve/R/yhat_gel.R gencve/R/yhat_RF.R gencve/R/yh_kNN.R gencve/R/misclassificationrate.R gencve/R/yh_logistic.R gencve/R/yh_CART.R gencve/R/rdigitsBFOS.R gencve/R/yhat_plus.R gencve/R/yhat_SVM.R gencve/R/yh_lda.R gencve/R/yhat_nn.R gencve/R/rmix.R gencve/R/rxor.R gencve/R/yhat_lm.R
gencve/man/yh_logistic.Rd gencve/man/rdigitsBFOS.Rd gencve/man/yhat_plus.Rd gencve/man/kyphosis.Rd gencve/man/mape.Rd gencve/man/yh_NB.Rd gencve/man/yh_RF.Rd gencve/man/yhat_lars.Rd gencve/man/dShao.Rd gencve/man/yh_lda.Rd gencve/man/yhat_gel.Rd gencve/man/rxor.Rd gencve/man/yhat_lm.Rd gencve/man/churn.Rd gencve/man/mae.Rd gencve/man/fires.Rd gencve/man/Detroit.Rd gencve/man/yh_C50.Rd gencve/man/yh_CART.Rd gencve/man/yhat_SVM.Rd gencve/man/yhat_RF.Rd gencve/man/kNN_LOOCV.Rd gencve/man/prostate.Rd gencve/man/meatspec.Rd gencve/man/rmix.Rd gencve/man/yhat_nn.Rd gencve/man/kNN_MLE.Rd gencve/man/SinghTest.Rd gencve/man/yhat_step.Rd gencve/man/gencve-package.Rd gencve/man/yh_svm.Rd gencve/man/yh_qda.Rd gencve/man/yhat_CART.Rd gencve/man/yh_kNN.Rd gencve/man/ShaoReg.Rd gencve/man/mse.Rd gencve/man/regal.Rd gencve/man/smape.Rd gencve/man/pollution.Rd gencve/man/SinghTrain.Rd gencve/man/cgcv.Rd gencve/man/gcv.Rd gencve/man/featureSelect.Rd gencve/man/misclassificationrate.Rd gencve/man/logloss.Rd gencve/man/vifx.Rd

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