Man pages for genesysr
Genesys PGR Client

api1_urlGet partial API v1 URL for the provided path
api2_urlGet partial API v2 URL for the provided path
authorizationProvide OAuth2 token to use for authorization with Genesys
check_countryRun Land-or-Sea check on MCPD data. Uploads only rows where...
check_landorseaRun Land-or-Sea check on MCPD data using...
check_taxonomyCheck MCPD taxonomic data (GENUS, SPECIES, SPAUTHOR, SUBTAXA,...
client_loginLogin to Genesys as a service client (system-to-system)
dot-check_authEnsure that environment has OAuth token
dot-fetch_accessions_pageFetch accession passport data page.
dot-fetch_csv_pageFetch a page of data from Genesys
dot-fetch_json_pageFetch a page of data from Genesys
dot-list_accessions_pageList accession passport data (paginated)
dot-MAX_ALLOWED_PAGESMax pages to retrieve
dot-onLoadConfigure package defaults on load
dot-postHTTP POST method
download_mcpdDownload passport data for one genebank in Excel format and...
download_pdciDownload PDCI data for one genebank in Excel format and save...
fetch_accessionsFetch accession passport data and return the paged data...
filter_DOIAdd filter on accession DOI
filter_GENUSAdd filter by genus
filter_INSTCODEAdd filter by genus
filter_ORIGCTYAdd filter on Country of origin of material
filter_SAMPSTATAdd filter on Biological status of sample
filter_SPECIESAdd filter on specific epithet
get_accessionsGet accession passport data as a data table.
list_cropsFetch Genesys crops. Note that the list of Genesys crops does...
list_institutesList FAO WIEWS institutes.
list_speciesFetch taxonomic data of selected accessions.
mcpd_filterMake or adjust filter using MCPD terminology
meWho am i? Loads and prints the user profile from Genesys as...
print_setupPrint Genesys client configuration
setupConfigure the Genesys environment
setup_productionSetup for Genesys Production
setup_sandboxSetup for Genesys Sandbox
user_loginLogin to Genesys as a user
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