Man pages for genesysr
Genesys PGR Client

api_urlGet full Genesys API URL for a specific path
authorizationProvide OAuth2 token to use for authorization with Genesys
client_loginLogin to Genesys as a service client (system-to-system)
fetch_accessionsFetch accession passport data
filter_DOIAdd filter on accession DOI
filter_ORIGCTYAdd filter on Country of origin of material
filter_SAMPSTATAdd filter on Biological status of sample
mcpd_filterMake or adjust filter using MCPD terminology
meWho am i?
print_setupPrint Genesys client configuration
setupConfigure the Genesys environment
setup_productionSetup for Genesys Production
setup_sandboxSetup for Genesys Sandbox
user_loginLogin to Genesys as a user
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