Defines functions write_tab_generic

# this abstracts general tab writing regardless of specifics of some of the various formats supported
write_tab_generic <- function(file, tib, ext, tib_names, verbose = TRUE, append = FALSE) {
    # check that mandatory arguments aren't missing
    if (missing(file))
        stop('Output file path (file) is required!')
    if (missing(tib))
        stop('Input tibble/data.frame (tib) is required!')
    if (missing(ext))
        stop('Output extension (ext) is required!')
    if (missing(tib_names))
        stop('Table column names (tib_names) is required!')

    # validate tibble (check against expected column names)
    validate_tab_generic(tib, ext, tib_names)
    # now that nothing is missing, extract and reorder columns as needed
    tib <- tib[, tib_names]
    # add extension if it wasn't already there
    file <- add_ext(file, ext)
    # announce what we ended up writing, nice to know
    if (verbose) {
        if (append) {
            message('Appending: ', file)
        } else {
            message('Writing: ', file)
    # writes using tab separators
    readr::write_tsv(tib, file, col_names = FALSE, append = append)

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