Man pages for genvar
An Imperative Library for Data Manipulation

addobsadd observations to the data set
assert_loadedassert a dataset is loaded in genvar and error otherwise
builddatacreates a dataset of a given number of observations
capturecaptures an expression, returning TRUE if there was an error...
clearclears the dataset in memory
collapsecollapses a data set by variables using arbitrary aggregation...
countCounts how many observations (optionally, satisfying a...
describelists the names of the variables in the dataset
destringconvert a variable with string type into a numeric value
doExecutes R code on the dataset
dropifdrops rows from the dataset
dropvardrops variables in varlist format from the dataset
estimates_printdisplay estimation results
estimates_restorerestore 'genvar' estimates
estimates_savesave 'genvar' estimates
estimates_storestore 'genvar' estimates
estimates_useloads 'genvar' estimates from file
fillinFully rectangularize a dataset
forvalExecute code in the datasets environment for all values of a...
forvarapply a function to each of a list of variables
gengenerates a new variable that is a transformation of existing...
getdataexports data frame from genvar environment to R environment
gvplotconvenience interface to R's 'plot' command
headdataget first few observations
is_loadeda command to determine whether data is loaded
keepifkeeps some rows in the dataset and drops the rest
keepvarkeeps some variables in the dataset and drops the others
La function to take lags and leads with panel data
listifprints the part of the dataset that satisfies certain...
logitestimate a logistic regression
predgets fitted values from a genvar regression object
preservepreserve a data set before modification
probitestimate a probit regression
regregress y on x with robust standard errors, clustered...
renamerenames variables in the dataset
restorerestore a dataset from a previous preserve to be currently...
savedatasaves data to a CSV or RDS file
shapereshapes a data set from wide to long or from long to wide...
subset.varlistgenerate a varlist that is a subset of another
summarizesummarize a variable list, giving basic descriptive...
taildataget last few observations
tostringconvert a variable of another type into a string variable
useuses a dataset, marking it as the active dataset
varlistcreates a formula object from a varlist, mostly for internal...
xtsetprepares a panel dataset for lag operations
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