geoRglm: A Package for Generalised Linear Spatial Models

Functions for inference in generalised linear spatial models. The posterior and predictive inference is based on Markov chain Monte Carlo methods. Package geoRglm is an extension to the package geoR, which must be installed first.

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AuthorOle F. Christensen [aut, cre], Paulo J. Ribeiro Jr [aut]
Date of publication2015-04-27 09:05:25
MaintainerOle F. Christensen <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

asympvar: Asymptotic Variance

b50: Simulated Data sets which Illustrate the Usage of the Package...

binom.krige: Conditional Simulation and Prediction for the Binomial-logit...

binom.krige.bayes: Bayesian Posterior Simulation and Prediction for the Binomial...

covariog: Empirical Covariogram for a Model with log-link and an...

covariog.model.env: Envelope for Empirical Covariogram for the Poisson-log normal...

create.mcmc.coda: Create an mcmc object for the CODA package

geoRglm-defunct: Defunct Functions in the Package geoRglm

geoRglm-internal: geoRglm internal functions

glsm.krige: Prediction for a Generalised Linear Spatial Model

glsm.mcmc: Conditional Simulation for a generalised linear spatial model

hist.glm.krige.bayes: Plots Sample from Posterior Distributions

image.glm.krige.bayes: Plots Results of the Predictive Distribution

krige.glm.control: Defines options and model for prediction

likfit.glsm: Monte Carlo Maximum Likelihood Estimation in a Generalised...

lines.covariomodel: Line with a Covariogram Model

mcmc.control: Defines options for the MCMC-algorithm

model.glm.control: Defines model options

output.glm.control: Defines output options

plot.covariogram: Plot Empirical Covariogram

pois.krige: Conditional Simulation and Prediction for the Poisson Spatial...

pois.krige.bayes: Bayesian Posterior Simulation and Prediction for the Poisson...

prepare.likfit.glsm: Prepare for Monte Carlo MLE

prior.glm.control: Defines prior options

proflik.glsm: Computes Profile Likelihood for generalised linear spatial...

rongelap: Radionuclide Concentrations on Rongelap Island

summary.likGLSM: Summarizes Parameter Estimation Results for Generalised...


asympvar Man page
b50 Man page
b64 Man page
.BC.inv Man page
binom.krige Man page
binom.krige.bayes Man page
covariog Man page
covariog.model.env Man page
create.mcmc.coda Man page
.func.val Man page
geoRglmdefunct Man page
.glm.krige.aux Man page
glsm.krige Man page
glsm.mcmc Man page
hist.glm.krige.bayes Man page
image.glm.krige.bayes Man page
.krige.bayes.extnd Man page
.krige.conv.extnd Man page
.krige.glm.check.aux Man page
krige.glm.control Man page
likfit.glsm Man page
.lik.sim Man page
.lik.sim.boxcox Man page
lines.covariomodel Man page
.maxim.aux1 Man page
.mcmc.aux Man page
.mcmc.bayes.binom.logit Man page
.mcmc.bayes.conj.binom.logit Man page
.mcmc.bayes.conj.pois.boxcox Man page
.mcmc.bayes.conj.pois.log Man page
.mcmc.bayes.pois.boxcox Man page
.mcmc.bayes.pois.log Man page
.mcmc.binom.aux Man page
.mcmc.binom.logit Man page
.mcmc.boxcox.aux Man page
.mcmc.check.aux Man page
mcmc.control Man page
.mcmc.pois.boxcox Man page
.mcmc.pois.log Man page
.model.glm.check.aux Man page
model.glm.control Man page
.model.glsm.mcmc.check.aux Man page
.multgauss Man page
.NewtonRhapson.step Man page
.object.match.names Man page
.output.glm.check.aux Man page
output.glm.control Man page
p50 Man page
persp.glm.krige.bayes Man page
plot.covariogram Man page
.pmixed Man page
pois.krige Man page
pois.krige.bayes Man page
.pois.log.grf Man page
pois.log.krige Man page
.pred.aux Man page
.pred.quan.aux Man page
prepare.likfit.glsm Man page
print.likGLSM Man page
print.summary.likGLSM Man page
.prior.glm.check.aux Man page
prior.glm.control Man page
proflik.glsm Man page
rongelap Man page
summary.likGLSM Man page
y50 Man page

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