dot-calculate_met_focal: Calculate Texture Metric for Single Pixel

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Calculates the various texture metrics over a window centered on an individual pixel. This function is modified slightly from the calculate_lsm_focal function in the landscapemetrics package (Hesselbarth et al. 2019).


.calculate_met_focal(landscape, n_row, n_col, points, what, ...)



A raster or matrix.


Numeric. Number of rows in focal window.


Numeric. Number of columns in focal window.


Dataframe. Coordinates and values of cells, calculated with the *landscapemetrics* raster_to_points function.


Character. Metric to calculate for each window. Metrics from the geodiv package are listed below.


Additional arguments for the metric functions. All applicable arguments will be applied to the entire list of metrics.


Metrics from geodiv package:

  1. 'sa': average surface roughness

  2. 'sq': root mean square roughness

  3. 's10z': ten-point height

  4. 'sdq': root mean square slope of surface, 2-point method

  5. 'sdq6': root mean square slope of surface, 7-point method

  6. 'sdr': surface area ratio

  7. 'sbi': surface bearing index

  8. 'sci': core fluid retention index

  9. 'ssk': skewness

  10. 'sku': kurtosis

  11. 'sds': summit density

  12. 'sfd': 3d fractal dimension

  13. 'srw': dominant radial wavelength, radial wavelength index, mean half wavelength

  14. 'std': angle of dominating texture, texture direction index

  15. 'svi': valley fluid retention index

  16. 'stxr': texture aspect ratio

  17. 'ssc': mean summit curvature

  18. 'sv': maximum valley depth

  19. 'sph': maximum peak height

  20. 'sk': core roughness depth

  21. 'smean': mean peak height

  22. 'svk': reduced valley depth

  23. 'spk': reduced peak height

  24. 'scl': correlation length

  25. 'sdc': bearing area curve height interval


The metric value over the window.


  1. Hesselbarth, M.H.K., Sciaini, M., With, K.A., Wiegand, K., Nowosad, J. 2019. landscapemetrics: an open-source R tool to calculate landscape metrics. - Ecography 42:1648-1657(ver. 0).

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