Man pages for geoknife
Web-Processing of Large Gridded Datasets

abstract-datagroupget abstract from a datagroup
algorithm-webprocessthe algorithm of a webprocess object
attributethe attribute of an webgeom object
bufferPointCreate linear ring from point
cancel-methodscancel a geo-web processing request
canStartcan start a new job?
check-geojobCheck status of processing request
datagroup-classdatagroup class
datagroup-methodscreate datagroup object
defaultProcessInputsDefault Process Inputs
downloaddownload output from geojob
email-methodemail user when processing job is complete
gconfigconfigure geoknife settings
gcontentxml2 version of gcontent
geojob-classgeojob class
geojob-methodscreate geojob object
geomthe geom of an object
getJobStateget job state
inputs-webprocessinputs of webprocess
parseCategoricalparse categorical coverage file into R environment
parseTimeseriesparse timeseries file into R environment
queryquery webdata for various fields
result-methodsparse process output into R environment
retryVERBsimple retry for httr VERBs
setJobStateset job state at package level for outgoing requests
simplegeom-classsimplegeom class
simplegeom-methodsCreate simplegeom object
start-methodsSubmit a GDP web processing request
successful-methodsConvenience function for GDP process state
times_query-methodtimes query
times-webdatathe times of an webdata object
urlthe url of an object
valuesthe values of a webgeom
variables_query-methodvariables query
variables-webdatathe variables of a webdata object
versionthe version of an object
waithold up R while GDP is processing
webdata-classwebdata class
webdata-methodscreate webdata object
webgeom-classwebgeom class
webgeom-methodscreate webgeom object
webprocess-classwebprocess class
webprocess-methodscreate webprocess object
XML-methodXML from set of objects
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