simplegeom-class: simplegeom class

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The simplegeom class represents geometries that can be coerced into polygon features. This is one of two stencil types accepted by geoknife (the other being webgeom).


The difference between webgeom and simplegeom is both in the permanence and the location of the data. webgeom is located on a web server that offers geometries using the web feature service (WFS) specification. simplegeom are typically local data that can be accessed within an R session. Within reason, anything that can be represented as a webgeom (or WFS) can also be represented by a simplegeom For example, a state or watershed can be read in as SpatialPolygons object and turned into a simplegeom.



a SpatialPolygons object


(_private) web location of draw namespace


(_private) web location of draw schema

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