Network of blood types (directed)



A list of two datasets, vertices and edges, containing information on blood type (see The variables are as follows:




A list of two data frames:

  • the edges data set consists of three variables of length 27:

    • from, to: factor variables of blood types describing the relationship 'is compatible with'

    • group\_to: factor variable with levels 'same' and 'diff' for same or different blood type group not regarding the rho-gam factor.

  • the vertices data set consists of five variables and 32 rows:

    • label: factor variable of blood types,

    • type: factor variable of blood type, not regarding the rhesus factor,

    • rho: factor variable: 'pos' and 'neg' describing the rhesus factor,

    • Ethnicity: factor variable of four variables: 'Caucasians', 'African.American', 'Hispanic', and 'Asian',

    • Predominance: numeric variable consisting of the percentage points of each blood type within each ethnicity.