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An interactive function to remove landmarks from a 3D template file.


editTemplate(template, fixed, n)



Matrix of template 3D coordinates.


Number of "fixed" landmark points (non surface sliding points)


Number of points to be removed


Function edits a 'template.txt' file made by buildtemplate, which must be in current working directory. Function overwrites 'template.txt' in working directory with edited version. Use read.table("template.txt", header = T).


Choosing which landmarks will be deleted involves landmark selection using a mouse in the rgl plot window. With a standard 3-button (PC) buildtemplate uses:

  1. the RIGHT mouse button (primary) to choose points to be deleted,

  2. the LEFT mouse button (secondary) is used to rotate mesh,

  3. the mouse SCROLLER (third/middle) is used to zoom in and out.

NOTE: Digitizing functions on MACINTOSH computers using a standard 3-button mice works as specified. Macs using platform specific single button mice, XQuartz must be configured: go to Preferences > Input > tick "Emulate three button mouse":

  1. press button to rotate 3D mesh,

  2. press button while pressing COMMAND key to select points to be deleted,

  3. press button while pressing OPTION key to adjust mesh perspective.

  4. the mouse SCROLLER or trackpad two finger scroll is used to zoom in an out.


Function returns a matrix containing the x,y,z coordinates of the new template landmarks. Function also writes to working directory 'template.txt' containing the x,y,z coordinates of the template


Erik Otarola-Castillo & Emma Sherratt

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