geotech: Geotechnical Engineering

A compilation of functions for performing calculations and creating plots that commonly arise in geotechnical engineering and soil mechanics. The types of calculations that are currently included are: (1) phase diagrams and index parameters, (2) grain-size distributions, (3) plasticity, (4) soil classification, (5) compaction, (6) groundwater, (7) subsurface stresses (geostatic and induced), (8) Mohr circle analyses, (9) consolidation settlement and rate, (10) shear strength, (11) bearing capacity, (12) lateral earth pressures, (13) slope stability, and (14) subsurface explorations. Geotechnical engineering students, educators, researchers, and practitioners will find this package useful.

AuthorJames Kaklamanos <> and Kyle Elmy <>
Date of publication2016-02-14 17:30:19
MaintainerJames Kaklamanos <>

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