Man pages for geotech
Geotechnical Engineering

AASHTOAASHTO Soil Classification
bearingCapacityUltimate Bearing Capacity
bearingCapacityFactorsBearing Capacity Factors
bearingPressureBearing Pressure
grainSizeGrain-Size Distribution Functions
hydraulicConductivityHydraulic Conductivity
indexParametersPhase Diagrams and Index Parameters
lateralEarthPressuresLateral Earth Pressures
MohrCircleMohr Circle Calculations
PlasticityPlasticity Functions
plotBackgroundBackground Functions for Plotting
slopeStabilitySlope Stability
soilProfilePlot of Soil Profile
SPTStandard Penetration Test (SPT) Corrected N-values
stressHorizontalHorizontal Stress Calculations
stressInducedAreaInduced Stress due to Area Loads
stressInducedPointInduced Stress due to Point Loads
stressPlotPlot of Stress Profile
stressVerticalVertical Stress Calculations
USCSUSCS Soil Classification
wellHydraulicsWell Hydraulics
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