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Prints a cor_gerbil object. Printed output includes the average difference of correlations, as well as summaries of the test statistics based on Fisher's z and their p-values.


## S3 method for class 'cor_gerbil'
print(x, ...)



object of cor_gerbil class


additional parameters to be passed down to inner functions.


The functions print.cor_gerbil and summary.cor_gerbil display information about the cor_gerbil object. The output displayed includes: 1) the average absolute difference in correlation between observed and imputed cases across all relevant variable pairs, 2) the average value of the test statistic based on Fisher's z across all variable pairs, 3) the largest test statistic observed across any variable pair, and 4) the portion of p-values for the test based on Fisher's z that are less than 0.05.

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