Man pages for ggalluvial
Alluvial Plots in 'ggplot2'

alluvial-dataCheck for alluvial structure and convert between alluvial...
geom_alluviumAlluvia across strata
geom_flowFlows between lodes or strata
geom_lodeLodes at intersections of alluvia and strata
geom_stratumStrata at axes
ggalluvial-deprecatedDeprecated functions
ggalluvial-ggprotoBase ggproto classes for ggalluvial
ggalluvial-packageggalluvial: Alluvial Plots in 'ggplot2'
lode-guidance-functionsLode guidance functions
majorsStudents' declared majors across several semesters
self-adjoinAdjoin a dataset to itself
stat_alluviumAlluvial positions
stat_flowFlow positions
stat_stratumStratum positions
vaccinationsInfluenza vaccination survey responses
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