Man pages for ggdag
Analyze and Create Elegant Directed Acyclic Graphs

activate_collider_pathsActivate paths opened by stratifying on a collider
adjustment_setsCovariate Adjustment Sets a 'tidy_dagitty' object to data.frame
as_tbl_graphConvert DAGS to tidygraph
as.tbl.tidy_daggityConvert a 'tidy_dagitty' object to tbl
canonicalizeCanonicalize a DAG
collidersFind colliders
control_forAdjust for variables and activate any biasing paths that...
coordinatesManipulate DAG coordinates
dagCreate a dagitty DAG
dagifyCreate a dagitty DAG using R-like syntax
dplyrDplyr verb methods for 'tidy_dagitty' objects
d_relationshipD-relationship between variables
equivalentGenerating Equivalent Models
exogenousFind Exogenous Variables
expand_plotQuickly scale the size of a ggplot
fortifyFortify a 'tidy_dagitty' object for 'ggplot2'
geom_dag_collider_edgesEdges for paths activated by stratification on colliders
geom_dag_edge_functionsDirected DAG edges
geom_dag_edgesDirected and bidirected DAG edges
geom_dag_textNode text
ggdagQuickly plot a DAG in ggplot2
ggdag_classicQuickly plot a DAG in ggplot2
ggdag-packageggdag: Analyze and Create Elegant Directed Acyclic Graphs
ggplot.tidy_dagittyCreate a new ggplot
instrumentalFind Instrumental Variables
is_colliderDetecting colliders in DAGs
is_confounderAssess if a variable confounds a relationship
is.tidy_dagittyTest for object class for tidy_dagitty
labelDAG labels
node_pointDAG Nodes
pathsFind Open Paths Between Variables
pipePipe operator
print.tidy_dagittyPrint a 'tidy_dagitty'
quick_plotQuickly create a DAGs with common structures of bias
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
remove_axesQuickly remove plot axes and grids
repelRepulsive textual annotations
scale_adjustedCommon scale adjustments for DAGs
simulate_dataSimulate Data from Structural Equation Model
statusFind variable status
tbl_df.tidy_daggityConvert a 'tidy_dagitty' object to tbl_df
theme_dag_blankMinimalist DAG themes
theme_dag_greySimple grey themes for DAGs
tidy_dagittyTidy a 'dagitty' object
variable_familyFamilial relationships between variables
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