scale_adjusted: Common scale adjustments for DAGs

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Common scale adjustments for DAGs


scale_adjusted() is a convenience function that implements ways of visualizing adjustment for a variable. By convention, a square shape is used to indicate adjustment and a circle when not adjusted. Arrows out of adjusted variables are often eliminated or de-emphasized, and scale_adjusted() uses a lower alpha for these arrows. When adjusting a collider, a dashed line is sometimes used to demarcate opened pathways, and scale_adjusted() does this whenever geom_dag_collider_edges() is used. scale_dag() is deprecated in favor of scale_adjusted().



scale_dag(breaks = ggplot2::waiver())



One of:

  • NULL for no breaks

  • waiver() for the default breaks computed by the transformation object

  • A numeric vector of positions

  • A function that takes the limits as input and returns breaks as output

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