ggdendro-package: Create Dendrograms and Tree Diagrams using 'ggplot2'

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This package enables you to create dendrograms and tree plots using ggplot.


The ggplot2 philosophy is to clearly separate data from the presentation. Unfortunately the plot method for dendrograms (plot.dendrogram) plots directly to a plot device without exposing the data. The ggdendro package resolves this by making available functions that extract the dendrogram plot data. This data can be used with ggplot.

The function dendro_data extracts data from different objects that contain dendrogram information. It is a generic function with methods for:

These methods create an object of class dendro, consisting of a list of data frames. To extract the relevant data frames from the list, you can use the accessor functions:

To plot a dendrogram, either construct a plot with ggplot or use the function ggdendrogram.


Andrie de Vries - [email protected]

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