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Accelerating 'ggplot2'

facet_grid_paginateSplit facet_grid over multiple plots
facet_matrixFacet by different data columns
facet_rowOne-dimensional facets
facet_stereoCreate a stereogram plot
facet_wrap_paginateSplit facet_wrap over multiple plots
facet_zoomFacet data for zoom with context
gather_set_dataTidy data for use with geom_parallel_sets
geom_arcArcs based on radius and radians
geom_arc_barArcs and wedges as polygons
geom_autohistogramA distribution geoms that fills the panel and works with...
geom_autopointA point geom specialised for scatterplot matrices
geom_bezierCreate quadratic or cubic bezier curves
geom_bsplineB-splines based on control points
geom_bspline_closedCreate closed b-spline shapes
geom_circleCircles based on center and radius
geom_delvorVoronoi tesselation and delaunay triangulation
geom_diagonalDraw horizontal diagonals
geom_diagonal_wideDraw an area defined by an upper and lower diagonal
geom_ellipseDraw (super)ellipses based on the coordinate system scale
geom_linkLink points with paths
geom_mark_circleAnnotate areas with circles
geom_mark_ellipseAnnotate areas with ellipses
geom_mark_hullAnnotate areas with hulls
geom_mark_rectAnnotate areas with rectangles
geom_parallel_setsCreate Parallel Sets diagrams
geom_regonDraw regular polygons by specifying number of sides
geom_shapeDraw polygons with expansion/contraction and/or rounded...
geom_sinaSina plot
geom_spiroDraw spirograms based on the radii of the different "wheels"...
ggforce-extensionsggforce extensions to ggplot2
ggforce-packageggforce: Accelerating 'ggplot2'
interpolateDataFrameInterpolate layer data
linear_transCreate a custom linear transformation
n_pagesDetermine the number of pages in a paginated facet plot
position_autoJitter based on scale types
position_jitternormalJitter points with normally distributed random noise
power_transCreate a power transformation object
radial_transCreate radial data in a cartesian coordinate system
scale_depthScales for depth perception
scale_unitPosition scales for units data
theme_no_axesTheme without axes and gridlines
trans_reverserReverse a transformation
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