ggloop: Create 'ggplot2' Plots in a Loop

Pass a data frame and mapping aesthetics to ggloop() in order to create a list of 'ggplot2' plots. The way x-y and dots are paired together is controlled by the remapping arguments. Geoms, themes, facets, and other features can be added with the special %L+% (L-plus) operator.

AuthorLuke Smith [aut, cre]
Date of publication2016-10-20 01:58:31
MaintainerLuke Smith <>

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Man pages

aes_eval: Assign inputs to 'x', 'y' or 'dots'.

aes_group: Create unique pairings between 'x', 'y' and 'dots'.

aes_loop: Create a list of grouped aesthetic mappings.

expand.grid2: A new version of an old favorite with some extra options

extract: Extract the nth element from vectors in a list.

fun.par: Regular expression pattern for determing if possible function...

ggloop: Create ggplot plots in a loop.

grapes-L-plus-grapes: Add components to a ggloop object.

grapes-M-grapes: The modified combination of the modulus function ('%%') and...

grapes-R-grapes: The replacement operator. Replaces the 'lhs' with 'rhs' on...

is.c: Determine if the first element of a parse tree is identical...

isFALSE: This is an abbreviation of identical(FALSE, x) to go along... Is it a function?

is.op: Determine if an input uses an arithmetical operator ('/',...

list.pos: Finds the position of a named list element within a list...

map_aes: Loop through a list of grouped variables and assign class...

messy_eval: Reduce the amount of code by turning this sequence into a...

name_groups: Extract names for the first level of list components for the...

name_subgroups: Extract names for the second level of list components for the...

recycle.NA: A vector recycler using 'NA'.

recycle.vector: A vector recycler using the contents of the shorter vector to...

remap_xy_FALSE: Mimicks R's internal recycling mechanism for the shorter of...

remap_xy_NA: Attaches NA during recycling of the smaller of the two...

remap_xy_TRUE: Uses 'expand.grid()' to create all possible combinations of...

rm.gg2: Remove 'ggplot2' style and stand-alone aesthetic arguments...

select_helpers: Helper functions to select NSE (non-standard evaluation)...

what: Console function for determing: class, type, mode, and names...


aes_eval Man page
aes_group Man page
aes_loop Man page
cur_vars_env Man page
expand.grid2 Man page
extract Man page
fun.par Man page
ggloop Man page
is.c Man page
isFALSE Man page Man page
is.op Man page
\%L+\% Man page
list.pos Man page
\%M\% Man page
map_aes Man page
messy_eval Man page
name_groups Man page
name_subgroups Man page
\%R\% Man page
recycle.NA Man page
recycle.vector Man page
remap_xy_FALSE Man page
remap_xy_NA Man page
remap_xy_TRUE Man page
rm.gg2 Man page
what Man page

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