aes_loop: Create a list of grouped aesthetic mappings.

Description Usage Arguments Details Value


aes_loop cannot be used affectively outside of ggloop() (or at least with access to the data frame names).


aes_loop(x, y, ...)


x, y, ...

A vector of variable names. Vector can consist of a combination of dplyr-like symbols (unqouted names) and numerics/integers referencing the variable position within data.


aes_loop() is solely meant to be called within ggloop(). To create the raw list of grouped mappings, set ggloop()'s gg_obs argument to FALSE.


aes_loop() returns an environment that includes aes.list (the list of grouped aesthetic mappings used inside ggloop()) and a few vectors used by other functions and lapply() loops for control (to eliminate running duplicate code to return a result from a previously ran function).

aes_loop2() returns a list of grouped mappings. This is similar to a bunch of aes() mappings in a list waiting to be passed to ggplot().

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