ggmap: Spatial Visualization with ggplot2

A collection of functions to visualize spatial data and models on top of static maps from various online sources (e.g Google Maps and Stamen Maps). It includes tools common to those tasks, including functions for geolocation and routing.

AuthorDavid Kahle [aut, cre], Hadley Wickham [aut]
Date of publication2016-01-23 00:37:27
MaintainerDavid Kahle <>

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Man pages

bb2bbox: Convert a bb specification to a bbox specification

calc_zoom: Calculate a zoom given a bounding box

crime: Crime data

distQueryCheck: Check Google Maps Distance Matrix API query limit

file_drawer: Manage the ggmap file drawer.

geocode: Geocode

geom_leg: Single line segments with rounded ends

get_cloudmademap: Get a CloudMade map.

get_googlemap: Get a Google Map.

get_map: Grab a map.

get_navermap: Get a Naver Map

get_openstreetmap: Get an OpenStreetMap

get_stamenmap: Get a Stamen Map

ggimage: Plot an image using ggplot2

gglocator: Locator for ggplots.

ggmap: Plot a ggmap object

ggmapplot: Don't use this function, use ggmap.

hadley: Highly unofficial ggplot2 image

inset: Add ggplot2 insets to a map

inset_raster: Create a (ggplot2) raster layer

legs2route: Convert a leg-structured route to a route-structured route

LonLat2XY: Convert a lon/lat coordinate to a tile coordinate

make_bbox: Compute a bounding box

mapdist: Compute map distances using Google

mutate_geocode: Geocode a dataset

OSM_scale_lookup: Look up OpenStreetMap scale for a given zoom level.

print.ggmap: Print a map

qmap: Quick map plot

qmplot: Quick map plot

revgeocode: Reverse geocode

route: Grab a route from Google

routeQueryCheck: Check Google Maps Directions API query limit

theme_inset: Make a ggplot2 inset theme.

theme_nothing: Make a blank ggplot2 theme.

wind: Wind data from Hurricane Ike

XY2LonLat: Convert a tile coordinate to a lon/lat coordinate

zips: Zip code data for the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area from...

Files in this package

ggmap/R/helpers.R ggmap/R/bb2bbox.R ggmap/R/make_bbox.R ggmap/R/file_drawer.R ggmap/R/ggimage.R ggmap/R/get_openstreetmap.R ggmap/R/geom_leg.R ggmap/R/inset_raster.R ggmap/R/mapdist.R ggmap/R/mutate_geocode.R ggmap/R/LonLat2XY.R ggmap/R/theme_inset.R ggmap/R/qmap.R ggmap/R/qmplot.R ggmap/R/inset.R ggmap/R/print.R ggmap/R/route.R ggmap/R/get_stamenmap.R ggmap/R/help.R ggmap/R/wind.R ggmap/R/get_googlemap.R ggmap/R/gglocator.R ggmap/R/ggmap.R ggmap/R/revgeocode.R ggmap/R/OSM_scale_lookup.R ggmap/R/get_map.R ggmap/R/get_navermap.R ggmap/R/ggplot2.R ggmap/R/geocode.R ggmap/R/get_cloudmademap.R ggmap/R/hadley.R ggmap/R/zzz.R ggmap/R/theme_nothing.R ggmap/R/XY2LonLat.R ggmap/R/zips.R ggmap/R/crime.R
ggmap/man/geom_leg.Rd ggmap/man/geocode.Rd ggmap/man/theme_nothing.Rd ggmap/man/print.ggmap.Rd ggmap/man/gglocator.Rd ggmap/man/hadley.Rd ggmap/man/inset_raster.Rd ggmap/man/qmplot.Rd ggmap/man/make_bbox.Rd ggmap/man/get_map.Rd ggmap/man/file_drawer.Rd ggmap/man/crime.Rd ggmap/man/zips.Rd ggmap/man/get_cloudmademap.Rd ggmap/man/mutate_geocode.Rd ggmap/man/inset.Rd ggmap/man/routeQueryCheck.Rd ggmap/man/bb2bbox.Rd ggmap/man/revgeocode.Rd ggmap/man/XY2LonLat.Rd ggmap/man/theme_inset.Rd ggmap/man/LonLat2XY.Rd ggmap/man/get_openstreetmap.Rd ggmap/man/legs2route.Rd ggmap/man/get_stamenmap.Rd ggmap/man/route.Rd ggmap/man/OSM_scale_lookup.Rd ggmap/man/ggmap.Rd ggmap/man/distQueryCheck.Rd ggmap/man/qmap.Rd ggmap/man/mapdist.Rd ggmap/man/ggimage.Rd ggmap/man/wind.Rd ggmap/man/calc_zoom.Rd ggmap/man/ggmapplot.Rd ggmap/man/get_navermap.Rd ggmap/man/get_googlemap.Rd

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