register_stadiamaps: Register a Stadia Maps API Key

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Register a Stadia Maps API Key


This page contains documentation for tools related to enabling Stadia Maps services in R. See the Details section of this file for background information.


register_stadiamaps(key, write = FALSE)





an api key


if TRUE, stores the secrets provided in the .Renviron file


To obtain an API key and enable services, go to It is completely free for non-commercial and evaluation use (a license is for commercial use; see for pricing), and no credit card is required to sign up.

To tell ggmap about your API key, use register_stadiamaps(), e.g. register_stadiamaps(key = "YOUR-API-KEY") (that's a fake key). This will set your API key for the current session, but if you restart R, you'll need to do it again. You can set it permanently by setting write = TRUE, see the examples. If you set it permanently it will be stored in your .Renviron file, and that will be accessed by ggmap persistently across sessions.

Users should be aware that the API key, is a PRIVATE key - it uniquely identifies and authenticates you to Stadia Maps' services. If anyone gets your API key, they can use it to masquerade as you to Stadia Maps and potentially use services that you have enabled. While Stadia Maps requires you to opt in to additional usage-based billing, this also means that anyone who obtains your key can potentially incur charges on your behalf or steal the quota that you have already purchased. So be sure to not share your API key. To mitigate against users inadvertently sharing their keys, by default ggmap never displays a user's key in messages displayed to the console.

Users should also be aware that ggmap has no mechanism with which to safeguard the private key once registered with R. That is to say, once you register your API key, any function R will have access to it. As a consequence, ggmap will not know if another function, potentially from a compromised package, accesses the key and uploads it to a third party. For this reason, when using ggmap we recommend a heightened sense of security and self-awareness: only use trusted packages, do not save API keys in script files, routinely cycle keys (regenerate new keys and retire old ones), etc.

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# this sets your Stadia Maps API key for this session
# register_stadiamaps(key = "YOUR-API-KEY")

# this sets your Stadia Maps API key permanently
# register_stadiamaps(key = "YOUR-API-KEY", write = TRUE)


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