Man pages for ggmix
Variable Selection in Linear Mixed Models for SNP Data

admixedSimulated Dataset with 1D Geography
gen_structured_modelSimulation Scenario from Bhatnagar et al. (2018+) ggmix paper
ggmixFit Linear Mixed Model with Lasso or Group Lasso...
ggmix_data_objectConstructor functions for the different ggmix objects
gicGeneralised Information Criterion
gr_eta_lasso_fullrankFunctions related to eta parameter used in optim and kkt...
karimKarim's Simulated Data
kkt_checkCheck of KKT Conditions for Linear Mixed Model
lambdalassoEstimation of Lambda Sequence for Linear Mixed Model with...
lmmlassoEstimation of Linear Mixed Model with Lasso Penalty
logliklassoEstimation of Log-likelihood for Linear Mixed Model with...
plot.ggmix_fitPlot Method for 'ggmix_fit' object
plot.ggmix_gicPlot the Generalised Information Criteria curve produced by...
predict.ggmix_fitMake predictions from a 'ggmix_fit' object
predict.ggmix_gicMake predictions from a 'ggmix_gic' object
print.ggmix_fitPrint Method for Objects of Class 'ggmix_fit'
ranefExtract Random Effects
sigma2lassoEstimation of Sigma2 for Linear Mixed Model with Lasso...
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