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Create Muller Plots of Evolutionary Dynamics

add_empty_popModify a dataframe to enable plotting of populations instead...
add_start_pointsAdd rows to a population dataframe to ensure genotype...
adj_matrix_to_treeCreate a tree object of class "phylo" from an adjacency...
branch_singlesAdd branches of length zero to get rid of single nodes in an...
example_dfExample dataframe
example_edgesExample adjacency matrix
example_pop_dfExample population dataframe
find_start_nodeMove to top of adjacency matrix
get_edgesExtract an adjacency matrix from a larger data frame
get_Muller_dfCreate a data frame from which to create a Muller plot
get_population_dfExtract population data from a larger data frame
move_downMove to daughter in adjacency matrix
move_rightMove to sibling in adjacency matrix
move_upMove to parent in adjacency matrix
Muller_plotDraw a Muller plot of frequencies using ggplot2
Muller_pop_plotDraw a Muller plot of population sizes using ggplot2
path_vectorRecord a path through all nodes of an adjacency matrix
reorder_by_vectorReorder a Muller plot dataframe by a vector
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