Man pages for ggraph
An Implementation of Grammar of Graphics for Graphs and Networks

den_to_igraphConvert a dendrogram into an igraph object
facet_edgesCreate small multiples based on edge attributes
facet_graphCreate a grid of small multiples by node and/or edge...
facet_nodesCreate small multiples based on node attributes
flareThe class hierarchy of the flare visualization library
geom_axis_hiveDraw rectangular bars and labels on hive axes
geom_conn_bundleCreate heirarchical edge bundles between node connections
geom_edge_arcDraw edges as Arcs
geom_edge_densityShow edges as a density map
geom_edge_diagonalDraw edges as diagonals
geom_edge_elbowDraw edges as elbows
geom_edge_fanDraw edges as curves of different curvature
geom_edge_hiveDraw edges in hive plots
geom_edge_linkDraw edges as straight lines between nodes
geom_edge_loopDraw edges as diagonals
geometryDefine simple shapes for line capping
geom_node_arc_barShow nodes as circles
geom_node_circleShow nodes as circles
geom_node_pointShow nodes as points
geom_node_textAnnotate nodes with text
geom_node_tileDraw the rectangles in a treemap
get_conCreate a connection extractor function
get_edgesCreate edge extractor function
get_nodesCreate a node extractor function
ggraphCreate a ggraph plot
ggraph-extensionsggraph extensions to ggplot2
ggraph-packageggraph: Grammar of Graph Graphics
guide_edge_colourbarColourbar legend for edges
guide_edge_directionEdge direction guide
guide-helpersHelper methods for guides
highschoolFriendship among high school boys
internal_extractorsInternal data extractors
layout_dendrogram_dendrogramDendrogram layout for layout_dendrogram
layout_dendrogram_evenEven layout for layout_dendrogram
layout_igraph_circlepackCalculate nodes as circles packed within their parent circle
layout_igraph_dendrogramApply a dendrogram layout to layout_igraph
layout_igraph_hivePlace nodes in a Hive Plot layout
layout_igraph_igraphUse igraph layout algorithms for layout_igraph
layout_igraph_linearPlace nodes on a line or circle
layout_igraph_manualManually specify a layout for layout_igraph
layout_igraph_partitionCalculate nodes as areas dividing their parent
layout_igraph_treemapCalculate nodes as rectangels subdividing that of their...
makeContent.cappedpathgrobDynamic capping of paths
makeContent.textalongText angeled acording to line
network_to_igraphCoerce network to igraph
node_angleGet the angle of nodes and edges
pack_circlesPack circles together
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
scale_edge_alphaEdge alpha scales
scale_edge_colourEdge colour scales
scale_edge_fillEdge fill scales
scale_edge_linetypeEdge linetype scales
scale_edge_shapeEdge shape scales
scale_edge_sizeEdge size scales
scale_edge_widthEdge width scales
scale_label_sizeEdge label size scales
scale_type.geometryDefine default scale type for geometry
theme_graphA theme tuned for graph visualizations
tree_applyApply a function recursively to a tree
whigsMembership network of American Whigs
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