ggtern: An Extension to 'ggplot2', for the Creation of Ternary Diagrams

Extends the functionality of 'ggplot2', providing the capability to plot ternary diagrams for (subset of) the 'ggplot2' geometries. Additionally, 'ggtern' has implemented several NEW geometries which are unavailable to the standard 'ggplot2' release. For further examples and documentation, please proceed to the 'ggtern' website.

Install the latest version of this package by entering the following in R:
AuthorNicholas Hamilton [aut, cre]
Date of publication2016-11-23 17:24:09
MaintainerNicholas Hamilton <>

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Man pages

aes: Modified Aesthetic Mappings

annotate: Create an annotation layer (ggtern version).

annotation_raster_tern: Annotation: High-performance rectangular tiling (ggtern...

arrangeGrob: Arrange multiple grobs on a page (ggtern version)

breaks_tern: Generate Axis Breaks

data_Feldspar: Elkin and Groves Feldspar Data

data_Fragments: Grantham and Valbel Rock Fragment Data

data_USDA: USDA Textural Classification Data

draw_key_tern: Key drawing functions

geom_mask: Apply Manual Clipping Mask

geom_point_swap: Points (Colour and Fill Swapped), as for a scatterplot

geom_smooth_tern: Add a Smoothed Conditional Mean.

geom_Xline: Fixed Value Lines

ggplot: Create a new ggplot plot.

ggplot_build: Build ggplot for rendering (ggtern version).

ggplot_gtable: Build a plot with all the usual bits and pieces.

ggsave: Save a ggplot (or other grid object) with sensible defaults...

ggtern: ggtern Constructor

ggtern_labels: Change Axis labels and legend titles

ggtern_labels_arrow_suffix: Atomic, Weight or Custom Percentage Suffix

ggtern_package: Ternary Diagrams in R

ggtern_themes: ggtern themes

kde2d.weighted: Two-Dimentional Kernel Density Estimation (Weighted)

label_formatter: 'label_formatter' is a function that formats / parses labels...

labels_tern: Generate Axis Labels

mahalanobis_distance: Mahalanobis Distance

overloaded: Overloaded ggplot2 functions

plot_construction: Plot Construction

position_jitter_tern: Jitter Ternary Points

position_nudge_tern: Nudge Ternary Points.

predictdf2d: Prediction data frame

rgb2hex: Convert RGB to HEX Color

scale_X_continuous: Ternary Position Scales

strip_unapproved: Strip Unapproved Layers

ternary_transformation: Ternary / Cartesian Transformation

tern_limits: Restrict Ternary Limits

theme: Set theme elements (ggtern version)

theme_arrowlength: Change the Length of the Ternary Arrows

theme_bordersontop: Render Borders on Top

theme_clockwise: Direction of Ternary Rotation

theme_complete: List of Available Themes

theme_convenience_functions: Theme Convenience Functions

theme_gridsontop: Render Grids on Top

theme_latex: Parse Labels w Latex Markup

theme_legendposition: Position Legend in Convenient Locations

theme_mesh: Create Grid Mesh

theme_novar_tern: Blank one variable's annotations in ternary plot

theme_rotate: Rotate Ternary Diagram

theme_showarrows: Show or Hide the Ternary Arrows

theme_showgrid: Show or Hide Grid

theme_showlabels: Show or Hide Axis Ticklabels

theme_showmask: Show or Hide the Clipping Mask

theme_showprimary: Show or Hide the Primary/Secondary Ticks

theme_showtitles: Show or Hide the Axis (Apex) Titles

theme_ticksoutside: Place Ticks Inside or Outside

theme_zoom_X: Zoom on Plot Region

transform_position_tern: Convenience function to transform all position variables in a...

undocumented: Internal Functions

zzz-depreciated: Depreciated Functions


\%+\% Man page
add_theme Man page
aes Man page
annotate Man page
annotation_raster_tern Man page
arrangeGrob Man page
arrow_label_formatter Man page
atomic_percent Man page
breaks_tern Man page
calc_element Man page
clipPolygons Man page
combine_elements Man page
constructor Man page
convenience_functions Man page
custom_percent Man page
data_Feldspar Man page
data_Fragments Man page
data_USDA Man page
draw_key_crosshair_tern Man page
draw_key_Liso Man page
draw_key_Lline Man page
draw_key_Lmark Man page
draw_key_point_swap Man page
draw_key_Riso Man page
draw_key_Rline Man page
draw_key_Rmark Man page
draw_key_tern Man page
draw_key_Tiso Man page
draw_key_Tline Man page
draw_key_Tmark Man page
element_ternary Man page
Feldspar Man page
FeldsparRaster Man page
find_global_tern Man page
Fragments Man page
geom_Lline Man page
GeomLline Man page
geom_mask Man page
GeomMask Man page
geom_point_swap Man page
GeomPointSwap Man page
GeomRasterAnnTern Man page
geom_Rline Man page
GeomRline Man page
geom_smooth_tern Man page
GeomSmoothTern Man page
geom_Tline Man page
GeomTline Man page
geom_Xline Man page
getBreaks Man page
getFormulaVars Man page
getLabels Man page Man page
ggplot Man page
ggplot_build Man page Man page
ggplot.default Man page
ggplotGrob Man page
ggplot_gtable Man page
ggsave Man page
ggtern Man page
ggtern_labels Man page
ggtern-labels Man page
ggtern_labels_arrow_suffix Man page
ggtern.multi Man page
ggtern_package Man page
ggtern-package Man page
ggtern_themes Man page
grid.arrange Man page
grid.draw.ggplot Man page
identityInv Man page
ifthenelse Man page
is.numericor Man page
joinCharacterSeries Man page
kde Man page
kde2dweighted Man page
kde2d.weighted Man page
label_formatter Man page
labels_tern Man page
larrowlab Man page
Larrowlab Man page
layer_data Man page
layers_add_or_remove_mask Man page
limits_tern Man page
limit_tern Man page
llab Man page
Llab Man page
lline Man page
Lline Man page
mahalanobis_distance Man page
multi Man page
multiplot Man page
percent_atomic Man page
percent_custom Man page
percent_weight Man page
plot.ggplot Man page
plot_theme Man page Man page
polyclip Man page
position_jitter_tern Man page
PositionJitterTern Man page
position_nudge_tern Man page
PositionNudgeTern Man page
predictdf2d Man page
print.ggplot Man page
rarrowlab Man page
Rarrowlab Man page
\%+replace\% Man page
rgb2hex Man page
rlab Man page
Rlab Man page
rline Man page
Rline Man page
scale_L_continuous Man page
scale_R_continuous Man page
scales_add_missing_tern Man page
scale_T_continuous Man page
scale_X_continuous Man page
stat_smooth_tern Man page
StatSmoothTern Man page
strip_unapproved Man page
tarrowlab Man page
Tarrowlab Man page
tern_anticlockwise Man page
ternary_transformation Man page
tern_clockwise Man page
tern_counterclockwise Man page
tern_dep Man page
tern_limit Man page
tern_limits Man page
tern_stop Man page
theme Man page
theme_anticlockwise Man page
theme_arrowbaseline Man page
theme_arrowcustomlength Man page
theme_arrowdefault Man page
theme_arrowlarge Man page
theme_arrowlength Man page
theme_arrowlong Man page
theme_arrownormal Man page
theme_arrowshort Man page
theme_arrowsmall Man page
theme_bluedark Man page
theme_bluelight Man page
theme_bordersonbottom Man page
theme_bordersontop Man page
theme_bvbg Man page
theme_bvbw Man page
theme_bw Man page
theme_classic Man page
theme_clockwise Man page
theme_complete Man page
theme_convenience Man page
theme_convenience_functions Man page
theme_counterclockwise Man page
theme_custom Man page
theme_dark Man page
theme_darker Man page
theme_ggtern Man page
theme_gray Man page
theme_gridsonbottom Man page
theme_gridsontop Man page
theme_hidearrows Man page
theme_hidegrid Man page
theme_hidegrid_major Man page
theme_hidegrid_minor Man page
theme_hidelabels Man page
theme_hidelatex Man page
theme_hidemask Man page
theme_hideprimary Man page
theme_hidesecondary Man page
theme_hideticks Man page
theme_hidetitles Man page
theme_latex Man page
theme_legend_position Man page
theme_light Man page
theme_linedraw Man page
theme_matrix Man page
theme_mesh Man page
theme_minimal Man page
theme_noarrows Man page
theme_nogrid Man page
theme_nogrid_major Man page
theme_nogrid_minor Man page
theme_nolabels Man page
theme_nolatex Man page
theme_nomask Man page
theme_noprimary Man page
theme_nosecondary Man page
theme_noticks Man page
theme_notitles Man page
theme_novar_tern Man page
theme_rgbg Man page
theme_rgbw Man page
theme_rotate Man page
theme_showarrows Man page
theme_showgrid Man page
theme_showgrid_major Man page
theme_showgrid_minor Man page
theme_showlabels Man page
theme_showlatex Man page
theme_showmask Man page
theme_showprimary Man page
theme_showsecondary Man page
theme_showticks Man page
theme_showtitles Man page
theme_tern_nogrid Man page
theme_tern_nogrid_major Man page
theme_tern_nogrid_minor Man page
theme_ticksinside Man page
theme_ticksoutside Man page
theme_tropical Man page
theme_update Man page
theme_void Man page
theme_zoom Man page
theme_zoom_center Man page
theme_zoom_L Man page
theme_zoom_M Man page
theme_zoom_R Man page
theme_zoom_T Man page
theme_zoom_X Man page
tlab Man page
Tlab Man page
tline Man page
Tline Man page
tlr2xy Man page
transform_position_tern Man page
update_theme Man page
USDA Man page
validate_element Man page
weight_percent Man page
wlab Man page
Wlab Man page
xy2tlr Man page
zlab Man page
zzz-depreciated Man page
zzz-internal Man page
zzz-overloaded Man page


inst/staticdocs/icons.R inst/staticdocs/index.r
R/theme-showlabels.R R/calc-tern-tlr2xy.R R/theme-bordersontop.R R/theme-showsecondary.R R/geom-smooth-tern.R R/stat-confidence-tern.R R/theme.R R/onLoad.R R/theme-novar-tern.R R/geom-Xline.R R/theme-ticksoutside.R R/theme-arrowlength.R R/plot.R R/aes.R R/position-jitter-tern.R R/position-nudge-tern.R R/theme-clockwise.R R/strip-unapproved.R R/labels-new.R R/annotation-tern.R R/ggtern-package.R R/coord-tern.R R/stat-interpolate-methods.R R/utilities.R R/geom-confidence-tern.R R/labels-percent.R R/theme-showtitles.R R/gg-internal.R R/plot-build.R R/theme-elements.R R/legend-draw-tern.R R/plot-construction.R R/theme-zoom.R R/stat-smooth-tern.R R/theme-showgrid.R R/position-.R R/scales-tern.R R/calc-kde2d-weighted.R R/theme-legend-position.R R/theme-noarrows.R R/utilities-help.R R/geom-errorbarX.R R/doc-data.R R/depreciated.R R/geom-Xisoprop.R R/save.R R/geom-crosshair-tern.R R/geom-density-tern.R R/stat-interpolate-tern.R R/annotation-raster-tern.R R/geom-interpolate-tern.R R/theme-nomask.R R/theme-defaults.R R/theme-rotate.R R/geom-mask.R R/ggtern-constructor.R R/calc-mahalanobis-distance.R R/tern-limits.R R/theme-mesh.R R/stat-density-tern.R R/theme-gridsontop.R R/theme-latex.R R/doc-theme-convenience.R R/geom-point-swap.R R/modifications-gridExtra.R
man/strip_unapproved.Rd man/ggplot_build.Rd man/annotate.Rd man/theme_gridsontop.Rd man/ggtern_labels_arrow_suffix.Rd man/theme_convenience_functions.Rd man/geom_Xline.Rd man/undocumented.Rd man/overloaded.Rd man/zzz-depreciated.Rd
man/kde2d.weighted.Rd man/geom_mask.Rd man/tern_limits.Rd man/theme_mesh.Rd man/annotation_raster_tern.Rd man/theme_showarrows.Rd man/data_USDA.Rd man/position_jitter_tern.Rd man/theme_zoom_X.Rd man/predictdf2d.Rd man/theme_showgrid.Rd man/label_formatter.Rd man/theme_arrowlength.Rd man/ggtern_themes.Rd man/theme_rotate.Rd man/position_nudge_tern.Rd man/breaks_tern.Rd man/aes.Rd man/ggtern_package.Rd
man/theme_ticksoutside.Rd man/geom_smooth_tern.Rd
man/rgb2hex.Rd man/theme_showmask.Rd man/ggtern.Rd man/data_Feldspar.Rd man/transform_position_tern.Rd man/ggsave.Rd man/mahalanobis_distance.Rd man/theme_showlabels.Rd man/theme.Rd man/theme_showprimary.Rd man/theme_latex.Rd man/theme_legendposition.Rd
man/geom_point_swap.Rd man/arrangeGrob.Rd
man/theme_bordersontop.Rd man/theme_complete.Rd man/ternary_transformation.Rd man/theme_clockwise.Rd man/ggtern_labels.Rd man/data_Fragments.Rd man/ggplot_gtable.Rd
man/theme_showtitles.Rd man/ggplot.Rd man/scale_X_continuous.Rd man/plot_construction.Rd

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