Man pages for ggtern
An Extension to 'ggplot2', for the Creation of Ternary Diagrams

aesModified Aesthetic Mappings
annotateCreate an annotation layer (ggtern version).
annotation_raster_ternAnnotation: High-performance rectangular tiling (ggtern...
arrangeGrobArrange multiple grobs on a page (ggtern version)
breaks_ternGenerate Axis Breaks
data_FeldsparElkin and Groves Feldspar Data
data_FragmentsGrantham and Valbel Rock Fragment Data
data_SkyeLavaAichisons Skye Lavas
data_USDAUSDA Textural Classification Data
data_WhiteCellsAichisons White Cells
dot-getFunctionsOLD FUNCTIONS...
draw_key_ternKey drawing functions
geom_maskApply Manual Clipping Mask
geom_point_swapPoints (Colour and Fill Swapped), as for a scatterplot
geom_polygon_closedClosed Polygons
geom_smooth_ternAdd a Smoothed Conditional Mean.
geom_XlineFixed Value Lines
ggplotCreate a new ggplot plot.
ggplot_buildBuild ggplot for rendering (ggtern version).
ggplot_gtableBuild a plot with all the usual bits and pieces.
ggsaveSave a ggplot (or other grid object) with sensible defaults...
ggternggtern Constructor
ggtern_labelsChange Axis labels and legend titles
ggtern_labels_arrow_suffixAtomic, Weight or Custom Percentage Suffix
ggtern_packageTernary Diagrams in R
ggtern_themesggtern themes
kde2d.weightedTwo-Dimentional Kernel Density Estimation (Weighted)
label_formatter'label_formatter' is a function that formats / parses labels...
labels_ternGenerate Axis Labels
mahalanobis_distanceMahalanobis Distance
overloaded'plot_theme' is a local copy of the method that determines...
plot_constructionPlot Construction
position_jitter_ternJitter Ternary Points
position_nudge_ternNudge Ternary Points.
predictdf2dPrediction data frame
rgb2hexConvert RGB to HEX Color
scale_X_continuousTernary Position Scales
strip_unapprovedStrip Unapproved Layers
ternary_transformationTernary / Cartesian Transformation
tern_limitsRestrict Ternary Limits
themeModify components of a theme (ggtern version)
theme_arrowlengthChange the Length of the Ternary Arrows
theme_bordersontopRender Borders on Top
theme_clockwiseDirection of Ternary Rotation
theme_completeList of Available Themes
theme_convenience_functionsTheme Convenience Functions
theme_gridsontopRender Grids on Top
theme_latexParse Labels w Latex Markup
theme_legendpositionPosition Legend in Convenient Locations
theme_meshCreate Grid Mesh
theme_novar_ternBlank one variable's annotations in ternary plot
theme_rotateRotate Ternary Diagram
theme_showarrowsShow or Hide the Ternary Arrows
theme_showgridShow or Hide Grid
theme_showlabelsShow or Hide Axis Ticklabels
theme_showmaskShow or Hide the Clipping Mask
theme_showprimaryShow or Hide the Primary/Secondary Ticks
theme_showtitlesShow or Hide the Axis (Apex) Titles
theme_ticklengthModify the Ticklengths
theme_ticksoutsidePlace Ticks Inside or Outside
theme_zoom_XZoom on Plot Region
transform_position_ternConvenience function to transform all position variables in a...
undocumentedInternal Functions
zzz-depreciatedDepreciated Functions
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