Man pages for ghypernet
Fit and Simulate Generalised Hypergeometric Ensembles of Graphs

adj2elMaps adjacency matrix to edgelist
adj_karateZachary's Karate Club graph
as.ghypeMap list to ghype object
bccmFitting bccm models
BootstrapPropertyBootstrapProperty computes igraph analytics function on...
checkGraphtypeCheck graph input type (for whether it's a graph or a...
coef.nrmExtraction method for coefficients of models of class "nrm".
compute_xiAuxiliary function. Computes combinatorial matrix.
conf.testTest regular (gnp) vs configuration model
contacts.adjHighschool contact network adjacency matrix
cospons_matSwiss MPs network adjacency matrix
coxsnellR2Computes Cox and Snell pseudo R-squared for nrm models.
CreateIgGraphsConvert a list of adjacency matrices to a list of igraph...
create_predictorsCreate a nrmpredictor object from passed argument
create_predictors.listCreate a nrmpredictor object from list
dtSwiss MPs attribute data frame.
dtcommitteeSwiss MPs committee affiliation data frame.
el2adjMaps edgelist to adjacency matrix
extract.nrm.clusterExtract details from statistical models for table...
FitOmegaFit propensity matrix for full model
get_zero_dummyCreate a dummy variable to encode zero values of another...
ghypeFitting gHypEG models
gof.testPerform a goodness-of-fit test
highschool.multiplexHighschool contact network multiplex representation
highschool.predictorsHighschool contact network predictors
homophily_statCalculate homophily in multi-edge graphs.
isNetworkTest null model vs full ghype.
JnBlockFisher Information matrix for estimators in block models.
link_significanceEstimate statistical deviations from ghype model
loglGeneral method to compute log-likelihood for ghype models.
logLik.ghypeExtract Log-Likelihood
loglratioCompute log-likelihood ratio for ghype models.
lr.testPerform likelihood ratio test between two ghype models.
mat2vec.ixAuxiliary function, gives mask for matrix for directed,...
mcfaddenR2Computes Mc Fadden pseudo R-squared.
nr.ciConfidence intervals for nrm models.
nrmFitting gHypEG regression models for multi-edge networks.
nrm_chooseSelects the best set of predictors among the given sets by...
nrm_selectionPerform AIC forward selection for nrm.
nr.significanceComputes the significance of more complex model against a...
onlinesim_matSwiss MPs committee similarity matrix.
predict.nrmMethod to predict the expected values of a nrm model
reciprocity_statCalculate weighted reciprocity change statistics for...
regularmFit the gnm model
residuals.nrmMethod to compute residuals of nrm models
rghypeGenerate random realisations from ghype model.
RMSEComputes the Root Mean Squared Error
RMSLEComputes the Root Mean Squared Logged Error
scmFit the Soft-Configuration Model
sharedPartner_statCalculate (un-)weighted shared partner change statistics for...
summary.nrmSummary method for elements of class "nrm".
summary.nrm_selectionSummary method for elements of class "nrm_selection".
vec2matAuxiliary function, produces matrix from vector
vertexlabelsZachary's Karate Club vertex faction assignment
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