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Use this to substitute zero-values in your nrm values. Zero values in the predictors are recognized in the gHypEG regression as structural zeroes. To ensure this does not happen, please recode your zero-values in all your predictors, ideally using a dummy variable fitting an optimal value for the zeroes. This function takes a predictor that needs to be recoded and returns a list containing two matrices. The first one contains the original predictor recoded such that all zero values are 1 (and thus do not impact the model). The second one consist of a matrix with 1 where the original predictor was different from 0, and 'zero_values' where the original predictor was 0. If 'zero_values' is not specified, it is fixed to e to simplify the interpretation of the results.


get_zero_dummy(dat, name = NULL, zero_values = NULL)



matrix, the predictor for which the zero values should be recoded.


optional character, the name of the predictor to create a named list


optional numeric, the value to assign to the zero values of 'dat' in the dummy variable. It defaults to e to simplify the interpretation of the results.


a possibly named list of two matrices. The first one is the recoded version of 'dat' where all zeroes are changed to 1. The second is the dummy variable such that dummy[dat==0] <- zero_values and 1 otherwise.

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