Man pages for git2r
Provides Access to Git Repositories

addAdd file(s) to index
ahead_behindAhead Behind Git repository to a 'data.frame' entries in a git_tree to a 'data.frame'
as.list.git_treeCoerce entries in a git_tree to a list of entry objects
blameGet blame for file
blob_createCreate blob from file on disk
branch_createCreate a branch
branch_deleteDelete a branch
branch_get_upstreamGet remote tracking branch
branch_remote_nameRemote name of a branch
branch_remote_urlRemote url of a branch
branch_renameRename a branch
branch_set_upstreamSet remote tracking branch
branch_targetGet target (sha) pointed to by a branch
bundle_r_packageBundle bare repo of package
cloneClone a remote repository
contentContent of blob
cred_envCreate a new environmental credential object
cred_ssh_keyCreate a new passphrase-protected ssh key credential object
cred_tokenCreate a new personal access token credential object
cred_user_passCreate a new plain-text username and password credential...
default_signatureGet the signature
diff-methodsChanges between commits, trees, working tree, etc.
discover_repositoryFind path to repository for any file
fetchFetch new data and update tips
fetch_headsGet updated heads during the last fetch.
git2rgit2r: R bindings to the libgit2 library
git_config_filesLocate the path to configuration files
hashDetermine the sha from a blob string
hashfileDetermine the sha from a blob in a file
head.git_repositoryGet HEAD for a repository
index_remove_bypathRemove an index entry corresponding to a file on disk
initInit a repository
in_repositoryDetermine if a directory is in a git repository
is_bareCheck if repository is bare
is_binaryIs blob binary
is_blobCheck if object is S3 class git_blob
is_branchCheck if object is 'git_branch'
is_commitCheck if object is a git_commit object
is_detachedCheck if HEAD of repository is detached
is_emptyCheck if repository is empty
is_headCheck if branch is head
is_localCheck if branch is local
is_mergeIs merge
is_shallowDetermine if the repository is a shallow clone
is_tagCheck if object is a git_tag object
is_treeCheck if object is S3 class git_tree
last_commitLast commit
length.git_blobSize in bytes of the contents of a blob
length.git_diffNumber of files in git_diff object
length.git_treeNumber of entries in tree
libgit2_featuresCompile time options for libgit2.
libgit2_versionVersion of the libgit2 library
lookup_commitLookup the commit related to a git object
ls_treeList the contents of a tree object
mergeMerge a branch into HEAD
merge_baseFind a merge base between two commits
note_createAdd note for a object
note_default_refDefault notes reference
note_removeRemove the note for an object
notesList notes
odb_blobsBlobs in the object database
odb_objectsList all objects available in the database
plot.git_repositoryPlot commits over time
print.git_reflog_entryPrint a reflog entry
punch_cardPunch card
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
referencesGet all references that can be found in a repository.
reflogList and view reflog information
remote_addAdd a remote to a repo
remote_lsList references in a remote repository
remote_removeRemove a remote
remote_renameRename a remote
remotesGet the configured remotes for a repo
remote_set_urlSet the remote's url in the configuration
remote_urlGet the remote url for remotes in a repo
repositoryOpen a repository
repository_headGet HEAD for a repository
resetReset current HEAD to the specified state
rm_fileRemove files from the working tree and from the index
shaGet the SHA-1 of a git object
ssh_pathCompose usual path to ssh keys
ssl_cert_locationsSet the SSL certificate-authority locations
stash_applyApply stash
stash_dropDrop stash
stash_listList stashes in repository
stash_popPop stash
sub-.git_treeExtract object from tree
summary.git_repositorySummary of repository
summary.git_stashSummary of a stash
summary.git_treeSummary of tree
tagCreate tag targeting HEAD commit in repository
tag_deleteDelete an existing tag reference
workdirWorkdir of repository
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